About Adam & Eve Missoula

Your local Missoula Adam & Eve Store provides a safe, friendly environment for men, women and couples who are looking to venture away from the more mainstream norms of sexuality and experiment with the more erotic and growing interest in taboo sex practices.


We love getting feedback. Your comments help make us better. Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about their shopping experience with Adam & Eve Stores.

Thank you for proving my BFF right in telling me you were THE STORE to shop with! Very happy customer here. Cynthia M.

I stopped by the Gastonia, NC store recently and was pleasantly surprised at the high level of customer service provided by the sales associates, and at their selection! Thank you Adam & Eve, for providing a variety of shopping options!! Leigh

I just want to say thank you for all you do. your business saved my marriage. I refuse to shop at any other store like this. you guys are awesome! Justin K.

I have done, and continue to do, business with a large number of companies both professionally and recreationally and, in my opinion, a great many of them would do themselves a huge favor by following Adam & Eve’s business model. Every chef needs a wide variety of spices to take an already exceptional recipe to that next level and my wife and I love seasoning our intimacy with the many awesome products we’ve purchased from Adam & Eve! Scott

I remember what it was like back in the 60s and 70s going into an adult video store. Dirty, dark, scary; creepy old men hiding in corners dressed in trench coats. Even going to an adult movie theater was risky and dangerous. I have been in some stores that aren’t much better even today. I am so glad that Adam & Eve is around to take care of my needs. The customer service on-line as well as in the stores is incredible as well as the products. Ken

I just wanted to say that y’all are awesome and me and my wife love your store we only shop here and are never disappointed, thanks for such great service. Tyler

Thank you for an extremely hassle-free experience. I just started to do business with you and now I look forward to continuing to do all my business exclusively with Adam & Eve in the future. Jed

I’m 73 years old and was a part of the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. Yours is a trusted company that I have used at varying times throughout my life. I hope that each and every day you’re aware of how much pure LOVE you send to people through a service that is honestly customer-oriented. You’ve operated all these years with the dignity that most would find commendable, and I’m proud to have been around for your birth and growth. Thank you for fighting the fight for freedom and resisting the zealots who are convinced that sex is a great potential evil among us. Thanks to Phil and the entire gang for keeping the faith in people. May all your days be filled with joy and passion, for you are one of the real jewels of life in these United States. Terry

I have just recently discovered Adam & Eve and I definitely will be back. (And I LOVE the products I’ve bought so far 🙂 Jennifer H

Thanks – It’s nice to see a company that actually does what it says and does it in a very timely manner. You will certainly be my recommended company. Larry C.

Thank you guys. You are the best! Katie E.

My wife and I love your company. So nice of you to take care of us. We will continue to be customers for your company of course. It is very seldom in this day and age to get such great customer service. Thanks again. Chris C.

In these troubled times, I’m a little more careful about who I spend my money with. I remember reading about the head of your company giving money to a good cause, so I thought I’d give you a try. Your products looked good. After my first shipment I could see that I can trust your company and its good service. I want to say how wonderful it was to see a great message about protecting our rights and freedoms on my video. This was very important to me. It made me feel that you are indeed the right kind of people. I can feel safe, comfortable, and really good about doing business with you. Emily

I just want to say how pleased I am with your products, your people and your prompt, fair and courteous service. I have made several purchases over the last two years and your company has been very honest and responsive to problems. Thank you for setting such a standard for business. I will continue to be a repeat customer and will always check you first. Jerry

Long recognized as the industry leader, Adam & Eve continues to set the standard within the adult industry, by offering only the highest quality products and maintaining the integrity that our customer have come to expect. Adam & Eve has inspired men, women and couples to push their sexual boundaries for nearly 40 years and a greater social acceptance of sex paraphernalia is boosting the interest of people just like you—who want to see what all the fuss is about.

Explore. Shop. Experiment. Enjoy.

Our Missoula store has everything from lingerie to bachelor and bachelorette gifts to instructional manuals and games designed to specifically to re-ignite the spark, the staff at the Adam & Eve Missoula store aims to help you discover the sensualists in you. We can also host your party for you with great ideas for naughty gifts that your guest will be sure to enjoy.

So channel your inner sex and the city character by visiting our Collections and get some gift ideas (or some ideas for yourself) or drop by and talk to our knowledgeable staff to get your creative juices flowing.