Warm Up With Less – Adam & Eve’s Lingerie Is a Winter Must-Have

Forget the summer of love; what better way to stay warm in the winter months than by slipping into some lingerie, stoking the fires and giving some love? Valentine’s Day really couldn’t come at a better time, if you think about it. Just when you’re about to freeze to death comes a holiday that tells you to warm up with the one you love! And we can help!

We stock a wide range of lingerie, from sweet and sassy to costumes (for a little role-play fun); and lingerie, in any form, is a great way to add some fun in the bedroom. Look at it this way: Wearing a mask can help people do things they might not normally do, right? Lingerie can have the same effect. Slipping into some super-sexy skivvies in the morning, then buttoning up in the usual, conservative work clothes, can make a girl feel a little like Clark Kent just waiting to become Super Man. It’s amazing that something hidden from the rest of the world can make someone feel more powerful and outgoing–but it does! And at the end of the day, all of that energy’s got to go somewhere, right? It may as well come home to you, thoughtful gift-giver.;)

If you’re looking for some role play of the more direct kind, look no further! From the Naughty Nurse to the French Maid, we’ve got you covered. Looking to add some accessories to finish that outfit? Our Adam and Eve stores have shoes and hosiery, too. If the devil is in the details, we’ll definitely help you get those details straight (no devil costume is complete without the heels, anyway).

The Adam & Eve Stores are Your Official Valentine’s Day Shopping Headquarters.

Whether you’re thinking about shopping alone and surprising your special someone for Valentine’s Day (or any day) or coming in as a couple and browsing together, we can help you out. The beauty of Adam and Eve retail stores are many, but in the case of lingerie and other clothing, being in store with your choices is a must. You can try things on, decide which costumes are more flattering and/or more inspiring (it may not be what you thought when you walked in the door), what size works best for you, and best of all you don’t have to go through the hassle of shipping items back and waiting for replacements. Adam and Eve retail stores offer instant gratification at its best; and really, when you’ve got something specific on your mind, who wants to wait?
Fifty Shades of Grey
If you’re thinking of taking Valentine’s Day to the next level, take a peek at our adult sex toys and adult novelties. Let your imagination take over, we’ve got a large selection to browse through. Bring your partner with you and start planning a Valentine’s Day neither of you will ever forget! And speaking of not forgetting – our stores have got the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection.

If you haven’t visited your local Adam and Eve Stores, we have to ask: What are you waiting for? February may be the best month of the year to get creative and bring the love! Cold hands don’t always equal warm hearts, but warm hearts can certainly inspire hot nights. Bundle up, come on in and slip on some layers, starting with a little lace.