A Simple Way To Improve Your Sex Life: Get More Sleep

Want a simple way to improve your sex life? One answer may be to try and get a little more sleep. New research out of the Mayo Clinic has found that a better night’s sleep could have the added bonus of promoting better sex. While the study focused on women 50 to 79, another out of the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory studied younger women and indicated an extra hour of sleep increased a woman’s chances of wanting to engage in sex the next day by 14 percent.

More Sleep=More Sex Drive

The Mayo Clinic (Scottsdale, Arizona) evaluated almost 94,000 women and found that 31 percent had issues with insomnia. Meanwhile, the study discovered that 56 percent were somewhat or very satisfied with their sex life. But the study also found a strong link between the amount of sleep women 50 to 79 got and their sexual activity. Thirty percent of women over 70 in the study who reported less than five hours of sleep were less likely to be sexually active than women in the same age range who averaged seven or eight hours of sleep a night.

Beyond Mood

The connection between lack of sleep and disinterest in sex actually goes beyond mood, according to the University of Michigan research. That study looked at college age women, and also addressed anxiety and depression levels. The more than 170 participants kept sleep diaries and documented the days they engaged in sexual activity as well. The diaries indicated that the women who slept longer experienced better arousal the next day. While some scientists believe there may be a link between hormone levels and arousal, more research must be done to confirm that theory.

Both studies seem to indicate that for women of all ages, a good night’s sleep can impact her sexual desires and arousal level, which is something that definitely warrants more examination. In the meantime, let your partner know that the extra hour of sleep could be to his benefit in more ways than one. There are a whole host of reasons why a more shut-eye is good for your physical health, but it may also give your love life a boost.

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