Is Morning Sex Right For You?

There is the perception that all men enjoy morning sex and that women are less enthusiastic. But is that true? And if it is, are there things the man can do to entice women to have sex at the start of their day?

The Sexes and Morning Sex

Research has shown that men’s testosterone levels build up overnight. Another hormone in men, vasopressin, is also higher in the morning. This hormone increases feelings of emotional attachment. Physically men are primed to enjoy sex when they wake up in the mornings. So what about women?

Men’s testosterone is highest early in the morning, and while women’s levels do rise overnight, they are nowhere near men’s levels in the early morning. Of course, women’s hormones can shift even more throughout the month based on their menstrual cycles.

Obstacles To Overcome

If you are interested in incorporating more morning sex with your partner, there are several things you can do to increase your chances. First, allow for the fact that she may not be keen on sharing her morning breath or she may need to go to the bathroom. (The muscles that control the flow of urine also affect orgasm, so this can be a serious hindrance to both of you enjoying an early a.m. sexual encounter.) Also, a quality sexual encounter calls for relaxation—something that can be hard to achieve when you are worried about getting to work on time or prepping the kids for school.

Setting The Mood

To overcome any inhibitions about how sexy she feels in the morning, keep some breath mints by the bed and start things slow, being sure to add compliments to help reassure her of her desirability. If that doesn’t work, there’s no harm in allowing a quick run to the bathroom to brush teeth and use the toilet, as long as you both promise to return immediately to the bed.

If feeling rushed is stopping you two from an early morning romp, try setting your alarm early. This will give you more time, and, if kids are a concern, allow you to slip in your adult time before the children are awake. Finally, if weekdays still seem to challenging, consider setting the alarm for a weekend morning, providing you a few stolen moments before your day begins to reconnect physically with each other.