Location, Location, Location: Where Should I Open My Adam and Eve Store?

Location can make or break a retail store. It’s the age-old rule of thumb when you’re shopping for real estate, right? Location, location, location–we’ve all heard it a million times. The reason it’s so oft repeated, though, is because it’s true. Finding the perfect location for any retail store is vital to its survival, but finding the right location for your Adam and Eve Store is about more than survival, it’s above thriving.

It’s no secret that breaking into the adult products industry can be tricky when you’re talking about a brick and mortar store. So many people think that shopping for sex toys, adults novelties, and other adult products is best done online–but that’s because they haven’t experienced an Adam and Eve Store. Shopping for sex toys, lingerie, etc. is a different experience when you can walk into a store and see and feel the products, or in the case of lingerie, try it on. Bringing a partner in with you is even better; the two of you can browse together and get just what you want without the hassle of returns and re-orders. And best yet, you walk out with a night of fun in your hands. But how do you, as a prospective Adam and Eve franchisee get your store somewhere that people can easily access it.

Adam and Eve Stores Franchise Locations Are Safe and Inviting For Consumers

Adam and Eve Stores strive to find locations in busy, retail areas with good visibility. We see no reason why we should move out to the city limits on a dark road to offer people a service that online sales tell us they are desperately looking for. There’s nothing shameful or embarrassing to us about what we do or the needs we meet for the community, but sometimes factors out of our control get in our way. For instance, most of our store owners will need to check into city planning and ordinances to make sure that they can open an adult business in the area they’re seeking. The good news for our franchisees is that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Finding the right locations for our retail locations and easing people’s minds and misconceptions about what we do and how we do it is old hat to us. We’re used to dealing with the rules and regulations of cities all over the country. One thing we’ve found is that, overwhelmingly, once people see our stores, their doubts are erased, their imaginations stop running wild with worst-case scenarios, and they come to realize that Adam and Eve is a top-notch company that’s not looking to corrupt the innocent but to provide entertainment, education and good old fashioned fun in and out of the bedroom for people who are looking for it. And make no mistake–people are looking for it. The success of our current franchisees, as well as our online business, are testament to that.

People want to be comfortable walking into a store, from the physical location to the window displays and the merchandise they see when they walk in the door. We’ve worked very hard to design our stores and find locations for our franchisees that make every store safe and inviting, from the outside in. When you buy an Adam and Eve franchise location, relax and let us help you. We can walk you through the process and hold your hand all the way through. We’ll do our very best to find the perfect location for your Adam and Eve Store and the community you’ll serve, and when we do, you’ll see what it means to thrive.