From The Bookshelf To The Bedroom

Since long before the rise of big-box sellers and bookstores, people from all walks of life have turned to books for instruction, inspiration and stimulation. That standard is still true today. You might not even know what you want to read, just that you want to read something good. And it’s got to take you beyond a few minutes at a screen, to some place where you can dive deep and stay a while.

Imagine walking the aisles of the average book retailer, reading off the categories with vague interest: “Ah, let’s see, there’s mystery, romance, self-help, hobbies, biographies …” Sure, you’ll see plenty of topics, but where’s the “SEX” section? It’s likely you won’t see that on a placard or hanging sign above a shelf. For the most part, sex is woven into books under a variety of themes rather than standing out as its own subject.

Chapters, Pictures and Props
Perusing the book section at your local Adam and Eve store is a refreshingly different experience. Revealing covers and bold titles are in plain sight, no label needed. Eye-catching best sellers, including E.L. James’ “50 Shades of Grey,” mingle with intriguing indies, like Phil Harvey’s “Show Time.” You can also check our our recent blog post 50 Reasons To Let Adam and Eve’s Fifty Shades of Grey Collection Unleash Your Inner Dom Part 1 and Par 2.

Beyond the excitement of fiction is something important to the mission of Adam and Eve stores, which is to provide sex-positive materials in support of healthy sexual attitudes for adults. Consider the names of guide books such as, “Find Your Inner Sex Goddess,” and “Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm.” Quite the page-turners, right? Yes, on the most basic level, they champion you to raise your sexual awareness and be better in the bedroom. But even better, these books are unabashed celebrations of self-confidence, intimate relationships and sheer pleasure.

Open Book Policy
Some of the publications are very interest-specific so if you’re looking for a particular topic, you might be surprised to actually find it in print. Go ahead, pick it up. Peek inside. Turn the page. Take the time to take it in even if you’re going to take it home.

When you explore titles at an Adam and Eve store, nobody will give you a suspicious sideways glance. The staff is knowledgeable and ready to offer up a few suggestions, along with ideas for accessories to complement any book. Everyone needs some good bedtime reading, and we’re ready to give it to you.

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