Dealing With Your Partners Insecurities In The Bedroom

The odds are strong that you or your partner (or both!) have something you would like to improve about the way your body works. Let’s face it — very few of us think we have a perfect body and that can lead to some insecurities in the bedroom. If those issues are affecting your sexual relationship, there are some things you can do to help address the situation.

Leave The Light On
Unless your partner asks specifically to have the lights in the bedroom turned off during sex, leave them on. If someone is already insecure about how they look, and you turn the lights off just as the clothes are starting to be removed, that could send a message that you don’t like the way your partner looks either. Even if your partner asks to have the lights turned off, try to persuade him or her that you think it is arousing to see them because you are attracted to them.

Take Time To Explore
If your partner has concerns about how he or she looks in the buff, your partner’s mind may not be fully into what is happening. The slower you are about exploring your partner’s body the more time you give your partner to adjust to the moment and start to enjoy him or herself. Use this time to touch your partner all over. When you do this, and especially when you focus on the body parts that your partner’s body language indicates they are sensitive about, you let your partner know that you are attracted to every part of them.

Touch When You Are Done
If you truly want to reinforce how attractive you find your partner — no matter how he or she may feel about their own body — be sure to continue touching your partner when sex is over. This helps to show that your attraction is real. This can mean spooning, of course, or even just laying a hand on your partner’s stomach and kissing your partner’s arm. <>With time and patience, these actions can create a better connection between the two of you and possibly alleviate some of the body consciousness your partner feels. The more comfortable you both feel, the better your sexual relationship can become.

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