Adding Sex Toys To Your Bedroom Repertoire

One of the many things that Adam and Eve Stores are known for is their extensive collection of sex toys. From vibrators to dildos to butt plugs (and more!), we can definitely say that if you’re looking for it, we’ve probably got it. We already know that sex toys can add more spark to the bedroom fireworks, so we’re still surprised by the number of people who haven’t given them a try. If you’re looking to try something new, but nervous about whether or not your partner will be into it, we have a few tips to introduce the subject (and hopefully, a few toys!)

  1. Don’t be pushy. Mention it. If you don’t know how to bring up the subject, refer to something you read or saw on TV. Sex and the City may be over, but sex toys are mentioned on all kinds of shows, from Bones to Mad Men to Girls, and NA Romance (New Adult Romance) books have risen in popularity since the introduction of Fifty Shades of Grey, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an easy reference to use as a way in. Express a curiosity, if you think your partner might not like the idea, and then let the topic sit–and hopefully sprout into a few new bedroom accouterments. You may just be surprised at your partner’s response.
  2. Some men (and women) are nervous that a toy might “replace” them in bed. With that in mind, consider starting with something small like a bullet vibrator. It’s not there to replace anything; it just enhances the overall experience. You might also explain that even dildos are no competition for the real thing, but they can be fun to use together. We think your man might get it once he gives it a try. It’s definitely a “Try it! You’ll like it!” kind of experience. Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte got her first Rabbit and the girls had to stage an intervention because she never left her apartment anymore? Your partner might remember it, too. Remind him that, sure, Charlotte was single and lonely, but the Rabbit is an equal opportunity toy and can bring a whole new level of intimacy when you use it with someone else.
  3. Make sure boundaries are set and don’t push them. If your partner is interested in introducing sex toys to your life, make sure that you each understand the other’s boundaries. Maybe one of you is an “anything goes” kind of person; that doesn’t mean the other person also is. Discuss. Set some rules, if you need to; if you’re experimenting with BDSM, choose a safe word you’ll both easily remember. If your partner sets a limit that you’d love to break, respect it instead. You never know what will happen eventually; things may change. Once toys are introduced and enjoyed, your partner may want to branch out and try other new things–or he/she may not. The most important thing to remember is to be respectful of your partner’s likes, dislikes, comfort and boundaries. Respect is key.
  4. Start shopping! Discuss some toys you’ve heard about or maybe even tried in the past, look around online, and then head into your local Adam and Eve Store and have a look around–together. It might be fun; it will definitely break the ice. You will see things that will make you laugh, make your eyes go big, and things you may find very intriguing. You’ll find sex toys for her and him, as well as couples’ sex toys. You may learn that you have less limits than you thought (or more), but walking through the store, looking at things and discussing the different options with your partner will help you bond and build the excitement about what’s to come.

It’s important to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Whether you want to admit it or not, sex is an important part of any relationship and an important part of life. And it’s fun! So, enjoy it, explore, try new things! With trust and respect between two partners, what was once taboo may become exciting and extremely satisfying. Open your mind, take a trip to an Adam and Eve Store, and find out what you’ve been missing; and if you’ve not been missing much, come see what’s new in the world of erotic adult toys!