50 Reasons to Let Adam and Eve’s Fifty Shades of Grey Collection Unleash Your Inner Dom – Part 2

If you haven’t submitted to the power of all things Fifty Shades of Grey yet, you’re missing out.  Last month, we gave you twenty-five reasons to let Christian Grey, of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, be your dom.  In honor of the fifty shades of Mr. Grey, we give you twenty-five more reasons to let Christian and our new Fifty Shades of Grey Collection of adult toys and sex aids teach you a thing or two.

26.  Those crotchless panties you got at your bachelorette party aren’t going to wear themselves.  Grab some “Still Baby Still” Bondage Tape and get ready to play.

27.  What girl doesn’t like silver?

28.  You’ll hear the words “nipple clamps” and think “Why not? If Ana can handle it…”

29.  You might discover your own inner dominant.

30.  You’ll never know if you’ll like being tied to an antique St. Andrew’s cross until you try it.  Ana thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

31.  You’ll learn interesting scientific facts.  For example, the deprivation of one sense heightens the other senses.

36.  You’ll be able to translate phrases like, “Topping from the bottom,” for your friends and family.

33.  Christian Grey likes his girls well-fed

34.  Have you always secretly wanted a sex-swing but were afraid the kiddies would wonder about the hook in the ceiling?  Forget the swing and try the Fifty Shades “Hard Limits” Bed Restraint Rest.  It tucks away under the mattress and no one is the wiser.

35.  You’ll embark on so many new adventures in the bedroom, you can write your own novel.

36.  Endless roll-play opportunities.  Example: Turn the ceiling fan on high, and pretend you’re handcuffed to Charlie Tango.

37.  Biting your lip like Anastasia Steele could become a secret shorthand between you and your partner.

38.  Our Fifty Shades of Grey “Massage Me” Candle is a great hostess gift.  It doubles as a mood setter and massage aid.  And doesn’t everything just look better in candlelight, anyway?

39.  Christian loves music while creating in the Red Room, so you can finally make that “Music Appreciation” class you took in college worthwhile.

40.  “Break up to make up” will have a whole new meaning once you try our Fifty Shades of Grey “Soothe Me” After Spanking Cream.

41.  Christian Grey is no BDSM novice.  He has extensive training and work experience.  Call any of his subs for references.

42.  Tripping over cords in the Red Room is so not sexy.  Go Cordless.
43.  Did you know that after Fifty Shades was published, there was a run on Ben Wa balls?  Women all over the country were waiting for backorders–and we all know that Christian hates to wait.  We got the message and the wait is over.

44.  You’ll learn to always read the fine print on contracts.  That’s an important life lesson.

45.  Jumpstart negotiations with a rousing game of  “Would you rather…” to get a handle on those soft limits.  Example: “Would you rather get spanked with a cane or a cat ‘o nine tails?”

46.  Conquer your claustrophobia and make elevators your new favorite mode of transportation!

47.  “This is going to hurt a little” will be your new favorite words.

48.  Remote control vibrators are lots of fun at parties.

49.  Nobody knows their way around a vibrator like Christian Grey, but he can give you a tour.

50. You’ve already painted your bedroom red.

If you’re new to the world of Fifty Shades of Grey, put your heels on and get in here.  Mr. Grey likes to practice restraint in all things, but you don’t have to.  Go to your nearest Adam and Eve store and start exploring the official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection of sex toys and aids (if you haven’t read the books yet, you can get those, too).  And if your over indulgence gets you into trouble, congratulations.  Mr. Grey will make sure you enjoy your punishment (eventually).