5 Ways To Improve Your Connection With Your Partner

Life happens. Unfortunately, our sex life can take a back seat as a result of all the obligations we feel pressured by day in and day out. If you are looking for ways to improve your connection with your partner, here are some tips to help you rediscover your spark.

First, Create a Plan With Your Partner
If you want to boost your sex life, you both need to be willing to work at it. So set aside 15 minutes to simply sit down and talk with each other. Discuss what you want to accomplish with your reconnection. Now, keep that 15 minutes as a sacred time for the next week or two. This daily check-in can help you feel more a part of each other’s lives, leading to a better connection and ultimately more (and better!) sex!

Change Up Your Routine
All too often, the alarm goes off, we jump out of bed and we are off for the day. Take a step back from that normal reaction. When the alarm strikes, take a minute or two to simply cuddle with your partner. As you head off for your day, go beyond the simple quick kiss. Linger a bit and up the ante on the passion behind that smooch.

Romanticize Your Bedroom
No one has ever felt sexy with stacks of bills or laundry lying about. And certainly, we can’t all afford to jet off every weekend to a cozy little B&B for some R&R. The next best thing is to make your own bedroom as much of an oasis as possible. Think less clutter, nicer sheets and a general tidying up.

Touch, Without an Agenda
It is easy for couples to get focused on the endpoint of sex, while giving short shrift to the buildup. So instead of seeing orgasm as your goal, plan an intimate time where simply touching is all that is on the agenda. Think of ways to make your partner feel good that don’t involve actual intercourse, and be sure to offer suggestions of how you want to be touched as well.

Take Time For Yourself
Sometimes to connect better with our partner we need to make sure we aren’t neglecting ourselves. Try to schedule some time to pursue an interest or activity that brings you enjoyment, without your partner. Equally important is making time for exercise. Boosting your endorphins through a work out cannot only make you feel better about yourself, but also potentially boost your sex drive.