5 Keys To Throwing an Amazing Bachelorette Party with Adam & Eve

Since we pride ourselves on being both sexy and fun, we LOVE bachelorette parties! We get happy on the energy the girls exude when they come in for party favors and adult novelties. Getting married is a big deal, and so is saying goodbye to one’s life as a singleton, so the celebration ought to be the best it can be. On that note, here are a few things you should know to plan the best bachelorette party ever!

1. Know the bride! Seems simple, right? Of course you know the bride, you’re throwing the party! What we mean is, really pay attention to what you know about the bride and plan the perfect party for her–not the party you think she should have, but the party she would want. Is the bride a wine aficionado? What about a day at a winery or a vineyard hop with all the girls? If you really want to go big, plan a weekend in Wine Country! If the bride is a girl looking for one last hurrah, give it to her! Take her out clubbing, hire a stripper, do a bar crawl, go to Vegas! And if your friend, the beautiful bride-to-be, is a little more quiet and likes a small group and quality time, invite only her closest friends and plan a big meal at home with movies after, or a day at the spa. Plan something that gives all of you some time to just be with one another.

2. Put your planning pants on and get organized. Delegate, if need be, and let the different tasks involved with planning fall to all of the bridesmaids, not just the maid of honor! Put one person on games, another on food, someone else on party favors, etc.; give yourselves plenty of time and make sure no one person is saddled with all of the work, so you’re not all stressed out and fed up by the time the big day arrives. Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a good time, so don’t blow it before it even happens by not having your ducks in a row.

3. Consider picking a gift theme. Lots of ladies choose a lingerie theme; it’s fun and can sure help a bride out on her honeymoon. But, give some thought to an adult toy party, as well. We can say from experience that there will be a lot of laughter, more sharing than you ever imagined, and some useful tips to take away. Who needs party favors when you’ve spent an evening gathering the kind of valuable experiences that only a group of girlfriends can provide? Even better: Turn the gifts into a game. Have the bride guess who’s given her which toy. If she gets it wrong, she drinks; if she gets it right, everyone else does.

4. Include cake. Or a dessert of some kind. What’s a party without dessert?

5. Come see us at one of our Adam and Eve Stores, and we’ll walk you through all we have to offer to help you build the perfect party. From adult novelties (Remember that cake tip? Think penis-shaped cake and naughty decorations), to lingerie and costumes for the new bride, to toys for that themed gift idea, to club wear for a fun night out. Our store owners are pretty cool people, too, and they may have some ideas you’ve never even thought of to take your girls’ party to the next level. Ask and you shall receive at Adam and Eve!

Bachelorette parties can be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t just start the day of the party–planning can be fun, too. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Even the quietest, most introverted bride will get a laugh out of tiaras and penis straws. It’s a guarantee. So, come on in, take a look around, and start planning your bachelorette party at an Adam and Eve Store!