Sex and the Adam & Eve Stores Franchise Opportunity

locationsDoes the thought of owning an adult products retail franchise business interest you? Did you even know that there was a franchise opportunity for that?

Adam and Eve Stores franchise come with a brand name that’s widely recognized and respected, and it comes with a plan that’s proven to be overwhelmingly successful. We’ve opened quite a few Adam and Eve retail locations in the U.S., and what we can tell you is that people are hungry for them. We’ve learned a little something since Adam and Eve was created in 1972, and we’ve put that knowledge to use in helping our franchisees find the perfect locations for their stores, win over the communities they’re located in, and run successful businesses. We’re not afraid to tell the truth about sex because we know that everyone is having it. Sex can be sensual and loving, awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes downright hilarious, so why not go into the conversation admitting all of that and putting people at ease?

Our franchisees are folks that are very comfortable discussing sex–they have to be–and they have a lot of fun with it. In fact, most of them have a treasury of hilarious stories they can tell about things that have happened in their stores, and they have these stories because Adam and Eve, as a company, has worked hard to help their customers relax when it comes to discussing sex. We don’t push sex toys in the windows of our stores or smack you with hard-hitting, over-the-top displays when you walk in the door. We offer fun novelties that break the ice, things you might see at a bachelorette party, for instance. You want more, keep moving through the store. Have some questions, ask! Our franchisees love interacting with their customers! They feel strongly that Adam and Eve retail stores provide a service that’s being largely unmet outside of industrial park sex stores that can be off-putting to a lot of people. We offer a safe location, an attractive and inviting atmosphere, and people who immediately make their customers feel comfortable and are approachable and knowledgeable about their products. You can’t get that kind of experience online, and you can’t get that kind of experience in a lot of communities across the country because they don’t have Adam and Eve stores yet. We’re hoping to change that.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll have interviews with some of our franchisees, fun stories from the trenches, and more information on what it’s like to own a franchise in the adult products industry. Adam and Eve’s online business was only the beginning; we want to start conversations in communities all over the U.S. about safe, fun, and sometimes adventurous, sex. There’s so much to discuss and explore, stereotypes to break and plenty to learn. Won’t you come with us?