The Brand

What is the Value of a Brand?


  • Who you are?
  • What you stand for?
  • What your products and recommendations are?
  • What your customers can expect from you?
  • Whether or not you appreciate your customers business?
  • Whether or not you truly want the customers to return?

Nationally recognized, the Adam& Eve brand is respected for bringing a new level of class and acceptance to the adult themed industry. We’ve worked hard to exceed the expectations of a growing range of customers. As an Adam & Eve franchisee you are positioned for success from inception, partnering with an established, respected brand that has built a loyal and far-reaching customer base. Our reputation for quality and integrity is prevalent in all our products and projects—from our lingerie, soft goods, award-winning film titles and branded products lines to our community service efforts.

Adam & Eve’s success has a halo effect on our franchisees’ businesses. They can count on a level of brand standardization across their store layouts and marketing materials that will put their customers at ease and deliver a consistent shopping experience across all channels. The result: a built-in demand for our franchisees’ businesses from the get-go.

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