How much money can I make operating an Adam & Eve franchise store?

We can not answer that question; there are many factors that determine this answer. What we can state is those operators who follow the system, procedures, market their store and provide unparalleled customer service enhance their opportunities to make money.

Will I be able to sell product on the internet?

NO. Adam & Eve will provide you with a “White Label” website at no additional cost to you. You may provide product information, store specials, store events to drive customers to your store to buy products, but you are not allowed to sell products through the website.

Can I sell other products besides Adam & Eve products?

Yes. ;We require that our stores carry 85% of the available Adam & Eve signature and private label line. But we also provide our operators with recommended, approved suppliers and vendors to purchase product from. We encourage franchise operators to bring new products and suppliers to our attention, so we can approve them and share with other franchise operators

What are the national advertising and local advertising requirements?

At the present time there is not a national advertising fund, but the agreement specifies that a national advertising fund can be formed at any time and the national advertising fee at that time would be 2% of net sales. The local advertising requirement is 3% of net sales.

What is the monthly royalty fee for an Adam & Eve store?

5% of net sales are the monthly royalty fee

Does Adam & Eve provide ongoing support and operational guidance?

Yes. ;Ongoing support is provided by the AEFC field support team who visit the stores on a quarterly basis, along with; monthly conference calls, newsletters, e-mail up-dates, weekly calls, and an annual national meeting.

What type of training is provided?

The complete training procedures are out lined in the FDD. Initial corporate training consists of five days, followed by pre-opening assistance. On-going training is provided by the AEFC field support team and vendor sales representatives

How long before I can open a store once I become a franchise operator?

Following your signed agreement, the next step is to find a location and sign a lease followed by the build out and merchandising the store, and training for yourself and staff. Time to complete these tasks varies but it should be between three to six months.

How long does it take to become a franchise operator?

The qualification, application, and approval process takes between 30 and 60 days. Some are completed sooner.

Are the Adam & Eve stores classified as adult?

No, because of our product mix and square foot allotment for novelty products we are considered a specialty retail store.

Where can I open an Adam & Eve store?

Our stores are ‘destination’ stores. Our experience shows that you should look for a location in a high traffic business area. Free standing buildings, strip centers, and out parcels are all great locations. Because adult themed product is part of your mix, local zoning and business licensing ordinances will impact where you are able to locate your business.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term is (10) ten years, with a (5) five year option to renew at the end of the initial term.

How much does it cost to open an Adam & Eve store?

Cost varies from location to location. In general the operator will need $80,000 of liquid assets (this would include the $30,000 franchise fee and working capital for build out, inventory, advertising, and initial operation). The estimated cost to open an Adam & Eve store are between $85,000 and $200,000 as outlined in the FDD. These figures are only a guideline and not all-inclusive.

How do I get a copy of the FDD for an Adam & Eve store?

You must complete the getting started form found in the getting started section of the Adam & Eve retail web site. Have a conversation with our qualification specialist, fill out an application and return it Adam & Eve, then an FDD will be e-mailed.